Serena Sayani Quoted in The Seattle Times Regarding the WSBA Caseload Recommendation for Public Defenders

Mar 3, 2024   Print PDF

The Washington State Bar Association has recently approved new standards aimed at significantly reducing public defenders' caseloads. This decision aims to enhance the quality of legal representation for individuals who cannot afford private attorneys. The move comes in response to concerns about the heavy workload faced by public defenders, which often hinders their ability to provide effective counsel. This step is seen as a positive advancement towards ensuring fairer and more just outcomes for defendants. Advocates have emphasized the significance of upholding the rights and dignity of all individuals involved in the legal system.

Serena Sayani, who serves as Board of Governors, District 7 - South Governor for the Washington State Bar Association, and is also a shareholder at Stokes Lawrence, has called the old caseload limits unsustainable. "We are failing in our duty to the public by not having a system in place that allows people to have adequate representation," Sayani stated.

You can read The Seattle Times article, "Washington Bar approves much lower caseloads for public defenders," here