ICYMI: Stokes Lawrence Presents: Pay Transparency Comes to Washington

May 4, 2023   Print PDF

Related Practice: Employment

In case you missed our May 4th presentation, Stokes Lawrence Presents: Pay Transparency Comes to Washington, Amendment to Equal Pay Opportunities Act RCW 49.58.110, you can view the presentation in its entirety below.

During this 30 minute presentation, Valerie Walker discusses the requirements that went into effect in January 2023, namely, the mandatory disclosures in job postings for wage/salary, benefits, and other compensation.

This webinar is part of an ongoing series to help individuals and business leaders with a wide range of industries regarding legal concerns that include governance and entity structure, real estate financial transactions, succession planning and employment issues. Our presenters look forward to engaging with attendees and will address questions submitted both before and during the webinar.