Trust & Estate Mediation & Arbitration

Trust & Estate Mediation & Arbitration

There are times when the best approach for resolving a trust and estate dispute is through mediation or arbitration.

Our Trusts & Estates Mediation and Arbitration team is comprised of experienced lawyers who have each been practicing in this field for nearly two decades. They have significant breadth and depth of experience and are highly respected by their peers, earning a reputation for being fair and reasonable. Given their experience, they can quickly evaluate the dispute and work to reach a resolution that reduces not only the impact on the clients’ resources but the emotional toll that comes with disputes within a family.

Our Trusts & Estates Mediation and Arbitrations lawyers are experienced in a variety of relevant areas, including:

  • Construction and interpretation of wills, trusts, and other estate plan documents;
  • Disputes among beneficiaries and/or between beneficiaries and fiduciaries;
  • Transition of family businesses;
  • Estate, gift, and income tax issues and calculations;
  • Disagreements regarding the characterization of property ownership; and
  • Deep-rooted conflict among family members and business associates.

Our Trust & Estate Mediation & Arbitration Team

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