Stokes Lawrence Agriculture Practice Featured in Business Journal

Feb 12, 2016   Print PDF

Related Practice: Agriculture

The Puget Sound Business Journal featured Stokes Lawrence’s Agriculture practice in a special report on law firms that appeared in the February 12, 2016 edition. Shareholders Aviva Kamm and Dustin Yeager shared the history of the practice, important issues clients are currently facing and plans for the practice’s future.

“There’s a tremendous demand for legal advice coming from the agriculture industry,” Aviva was quoted as saying. “Our firm has really been responding to that demand.”

Paying piece-rate workers for rest breaks and the H-2A visa guest worker program were among the “hot-button” topics noted in the article.

The feature also highlighted the partnership between lawyers in Seattle and the Yakima office of Stokes Lawrence Velikanje Moore & Shore.

“We found a lot of good synergy. It’s nice to have someone who can work on, say, trademark issues day in and day out, and when there’s major litigation, be able to dedicate more than one lawyer to the case,” Dustin noted. “We had specialties you don’t find at ordinary, run-of-the-mill Central Washington firms.”

To learn more about the services offered by the practice, visit the Agriculture practice page.