Sarah Wixson Clarifies Rules for Farm Labor Contractor in Good Fruit Grower

Jun 08, 2016   Print PDF

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Stokes Lawrence Velikanje Moore & Shore Shareholder Sarah Wixson was quoted in an article on Washington’s farm labor contractor rules, which appeared in the June issue of Good Fruit Grower.

The article focused on a decision by the Washington Supreme Court that broadens the definition of a farm labor contractor beyond what growers previously believed. The Court ruled 9-0 that an on-site farm management company was required to have a farm labor contractor license.

“I think quite a few people are still getting it wrong and the financial consequences can be dire,” Sarah was quoted as saying in the article.

When the ruling was issued, Sarah drafted a blog post on the topic, “Supreme Court Redefines Who Constitutes a ‘Farm Labor Contractor’ in Washington,” which explains that any business paid a fee for managing agricultural activities and hires, employs, supplies, recruits, solicits or transports agricultural employees in connection with those services must obtain a farm labor contractor license.