Real Estate Contracts Boot Camp

Mar 14, 2018   Print PDF

Related Practice: Real Estate

Mike Garner will be participating in the "Real Estate Contracts Boot Camp" webcast presented by the National Business Institute on June 26, 2018.

Topics Mike will be covering include:

Preparing the Letter of Intent and Purchase and Sale Agreement

  • Preparing the Letter of Intent
  • Preparing Purchase and Sale Agreement
    • Legal Requirements of Enforceability
    • Purchase Price: Amount, Sources and Security
    • "Adequate" Description of Property, Real and Personal
    • Three Material Contingencies:  Title review, Feasibility and Financing
    • Commonly Overlooked Mechanical and “Boilerplate” Issues    
  • Due Diligence, Disclosures, and Representations and Warranties
  • Breaches and Remedies

Preparing Option Agreements

  • Differences from a Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Consideration for an Option
  • Duration of the Option
  • Negotiating and Establishing the Purchase Price
  • Overlooked Issues and Omitted Provisions
  • Breaches and Remedies