Probate Administration

Nov 13, 2014   Print PDF

Related Practice: Estate Planning & Administration

Jenna Ichikawa and RoseMary Reed spoke at this KCBA CLE on November 13, 2014.

This comprehensive course covered what you need to know from opening a probate to closing a probate and everything in between.

This fast-paced agenda was a “nuts and bolts” program for new attorneys or attorneys who are new to probate administration and for attorneys who would like a refresher course.

The focus was on best practice types of issues with practical tips and guidelines for probate administration.

Topics covered included:

  • Which Claims Are Covered under the Statutory Claims Procedure?
  • What Assets are Subject to Creditor’s Claims?
  • Basic Procedural Requirements for Giving Notice to Creditors.
  • Claims—Form—Manner of presentation—Waiver of defects. RCW 11.40.070.
  • Claims—Duty to allow or reject—Notice of petition to allow—Attorneys' fees–RCW 11.40.080.
  • Non-Probate Creditor’s Claim Procedure.
  • Why are there testamentary trusts in Wills?
  • What can go wrong in funding testamentary trusts?  What are the major pitfalls?
  • When does funding testamentary trusts happen?
  • Washington Statutes of Construction.
  • Final Report and Petition for Distribution–Contents–RCW 11.76.030.
  • Dealing with the Missing Beneficiary.
  • The 5 W’s of Probate Accountings.
  • And More!