Nuts & Bolts of TEDRA

Aug 17, 2015   Print PDF

By Karolyn A. Hicks | Related Practices: Estate Planning & Administration and Trust & Estate Litigation

The Trust and Estate Dispute Resolution Act (TEDRA) was enacted in 1999. As described by one of its drafters, TEDRA is a set of procedures that applies to judicial and nonjudicial resolution of disputes involving matters within the purview of Title 11. As a procedural statute, it does not create new or independent claims or causes of action, and instead provides mechanisms by which such claims may be presented, heard and resolved. TEDRA serves as a model and a vehicle for effective resolution of disputes and as a means to address issues as they arise in the course of probate and trust administration. In these materials from the King County Bar Association's Ethics and Probate Litigation CLE in August of 2015, Karolyn Hicks explains how TEDRA applies to trust and estate issues. Click here to read the white paper.