Stokes Lawrence Honored as Law360 Regional Powerhouse

Aug 23, 2023   Print PDF

Stokes Lawrence PS has been honored by Law360 in its prestigious 2023 Regional Powerhouse Lists. Law360's annual Regional Powerhouse series celebrates firms that contribute to shaping the legal landscape within their states and communities.

Law360 noted that, in a year marked by financial uncertainty, Stokes Lawrence, alongside other top law firms in Washington State, seized the opportunities offered by Washington’s dynamic business environment. The firm demonstrated its expertise across a range of sectors, including technology, agriculture, corporate matters, and real estate. These successes are a testament to the firm's commitment to its clients and the broader Washington community.

Stokes Lawrence's unique strengths have set it apart. With 55 attorneys, it is the smallest firm among the Washington State honorees and the only one exclusively based in Washington. The firm's presence in both the bustling technology hub of Seattle and the agricultural hub of Yakima, showcases its adaptability and reach across diverse industries and geographical areas. 

"We are incredibly proud of this recognition from Law360," said Kelly Noonan, Managing Shareholder at Stokes Lawrence. "Our agile size, focused presence, and diverse practice areas have allowed us to serve a wide range of clients, from technology giants to agricultural enterprises. This honor reflects the dedication of our talented team and the unique opportunities Washington State offers."

Stokes Lawrence's inclusion in the 2023 Regional Powerhouse Lists affirms its strong commitment to delivering exceptional legal services across various sectors.

Apart from being included in the Powerhouse List, Law360 conducted an interview with Serena Sayani, a Stokes Lawrence Shareholder. You can access the complete interview in the attached PDF.