Krista Slosburg Interviewed by CNN on Coronavirus

Mar 10, 2020   Print PDF

Related Practice: Employment

Employment attorney Krista Slosburg was interviewed by CNN in an article on some of the most frequently asked questions employers and employees are asking as the United States continues to prepare for the spread of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). 
Krista Nelson Slosburg
In the article, Krista noted that employees run the risk of being terminated if they don’t show up for work and don’t have sick time to cover the absence. However, she added that employees who work in a city or state that required sick leave, cannot be terminated or disciplined if they use the sick leave. She also added that employers should consider being more lenient under the present circumstances.

Krista recently drafted a post that answers other common questions employers may have as they manage their workforces through uncertain times. To learn more, you can read the post "An Employers’ Guide to Navigating the Coronavirus."

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