Mastering the Deposition: A Critical Skills Program

Sep 05, 2014   Print PDF

Related Practice: Litigation

On September 5, 2014, Theresa Wang was a speaker at "Mastering the Deposition: A Critical Skills Program," which was presented by Pincus Professional Education.

This full-day CLE covered:

  • Overview & Strategy
    • Depositions not a "one size fits all" process
    • Understanding your goals and keeping your deposition goal-driven
    • Thoughts on preparing specific questions and outline of themes
    • Preparing for "unexpected" answers/objections or other difficulties
    • Other tips and tricks that may give you an edge
  • Witness Preparation
    • How to best prepare your witness
    • The percipient witness vs. a PMK
    • Ethical considerations
  • Expert Depositions
    • Effective strategies to qualify and/or attack expert witnesses
    • Using Motions in Limine to exclude expert or testimony
  • Technology - Friend or Foe? Effective strategies required
    • Strategy
    • Technology
    • E-Transcripts
    • Exhibit linking
    • Demo - how to get the most out of video
  • Handling the Difficult Witness and/or Opposing Counsel
    • Concrete tips and advice
  • Handling Documents & Exhibits - Making the record; get the authentication you need
  • Deposition Objections
    • How do I do it?
    • Why do I do it? - Depo objection strategies
    • What to avoid
    • Biggest risks in objecting and not objecting
    • What works
    • What matters
    • Additional tips from the trenches