Arbitration Agreements May Require Revision to Remain Enforceable in Washington State

Jun 06, 2018

By Krista Nelson and Aviva Kamm | Related Practice: Employment

Employers that use non-disclosure agreements or include arbitration clauses in employment agreements should take note of two new pieces of Washington legislation that take effect this week, on June 7, 2018.Non-disclosure agreement

Senate Bill 6313 makes a provision of an employment agreement void and unenforceable if it requires employees to waive their right to pursue a state or federal discrimination claim publicly (in public trial, instead of private arbitration).

Senate Bill 5996 prohibits employers from requiring employees to sign non-disclosure agreements, waivers, or other documents that condition employment on agreeing not to disclose or discuss sexual harassment.

If your company uses arbitration agreements, non-disclosure agreements, or incorporates either type of provision in employment contracts, contact one of our employment attorneys to review your template agreements.