Stokes Lawrence Presents: Purchase and Sale Agreements Webinar

Feb 8, 2022   Print PDF

Related Practice: Real Estate

Join the Stokes Lawrence Real Estate attorneys, Serena Sayani and Leslie Berkseth, for a webinar on the various components that are part of commercial purchase and sale transactions and negotiations including structuring issues, differences between purchaser and seller positions, and practice points.

Our February 2022 webinar will include:
  • Initial Considerations
    • Due Diligence Responsibilities
    • Sellers: Disclosure Requirements under statutory and common law
    • Buyers: Physical/Environmental Diligence and Legal/Business Diligence
  • Essential Contractual Elements and Key Terms
    • Purchase Price and Earnest Money Deposits
    • Prorations of Property Revenue/Expenses; Allocation of Transaction Costs
    • Description of Property to be Purchased/Sold (including legal description of real property, as well as related personal property, intangible rights, and related contracts/lease)
    • Documenting Property Condition; Allocating Liability for Environmental Conditions
    • Representations and Warranties by Sellers and Buyers
    • Closing Conditions/Contingencies
      • Feasibility/Due Diligence Contingency
      • Title Contingency
      • Financing
      • Delivery of Documents/Materials
      • Performance of Parties
      • Accuracy of Representations and Warranties
      • Property Condition
    • Indemnification/Liability Limitations
    • Defaults and Remedies
      • Default by Buyer; Seller’s Remedies
      • Default by Seller; Buyer’s Remedies
  • Other Provisions
    • Confidentiality/Exclusivity
    • Operation of Property prior to Closing
    • Standard Terms and Conditions (brokers, governing law provisions, attorneys’ fees/costs, assignment, etc.)
Date: Thursday, February 24, 2022, 12:00 p.m. - 1:00 p.m. PST

Our presenters look forward to engaging with attendees and will address questions submitted both before and during the webinar.

This webinar is the first in an ongoing series to help business leaders from a wide range of industries with legal concerns that include governance and entity structure, real estate financial transactions, succession planning and employment issues.

Missed the presentation? View the webinar in its entirety here