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In this edition of Insight on Estate Planning, you'll learn tips for balancing the needs of your children, your aging parents and yourself; whether a charitable IRA rollover is a viable option for you; how to avoid claims that someone may have had undue influence over your estate plan; and the importance of coordinating health care directives with other estate planning documents. We've also included an update on the attorneys in our Estate Planning team.
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This issue of Insight on Estate Planning explores the benefits of dynasty trusts, the best options for pension plan payouts, how IRA assets can fit into your estate, what to do if you live in a state with high estate tax, and tips for disposing of personal property in your estate plan.
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In this issue of Insight on Estate Planning, you'll find information on stretching out estate taxes on business interests, reducing family conflict by using a total return unitrust, deciding whether a donor-advised fund is right for you, videotaping your will, and understanding Washington's new power of attorney act.
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This year end edition of Estate Planning reviews estate planning for blended families, repairing trusts that no longer achieve their objective, checking in on your estate plan, potential pitfalls in donating high-basis stock to charity, and different options for saving for college.
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In this issue of Insight on Estate Planning, you'll find information on using the gift tax exclusion to reduce your taxable estate, determining what type of power of attorney works best for you, following IRS rules relating to required minimum distributions from retirement plans, addressing your pets' needs in your estate plan, and the effects of Washington's community property system on your estate plan.
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