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Certain employee activities on social media and email are protected under the National Labor Relations Act. Stokes Lawrence Employment attorney Krista Nelson reviews those activities and what employers should do to stay compliant. (12:22)
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Managing Shareholder Kelly Twiss Noonan provides an overview of the firm and its service philosophy. (3:04)
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Under Washington state law, business owners and managers can be held personally liable for perpetuating or failing to remedy discrimination, harassment or retaliation. Sarah Wixson defines what these terms mean and offers best practices owners and managers can implement immediately. (5:50)
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Antitrust concerns are not just for large public corporations. Smaller, closely held businesses can also face antitrust charges. Brad Axel explains how the owners and managers of those businesses run the risk of being held personally liable—and face significant fines—when antitrust charges arise. (4:04)
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Like any relationship, a business partnership can sometimes become contentious and some of the business owners will file lawsuits against another owner, particularly if that person is the one managing the business. Sean Griffee outlines the legal responsibilities of business owners why following the "business judgment rule" is your best defense when facing claims by your business co-owners. (5:04)
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