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About Us

To grow and excel in a competitive marketplace, businesses cannot be constrained by yesterday’s approach to the law—or even today’s. Creating and nurturing a foundation for success in a world of rapid change takes experienced, dedicated attorneys and staff in a vibrant, forward-thinking firm.

For more than 30 years, Stokes Lawrence has been this kind of legal partner to a varied and highly valued group of businesses and their owners. From technology to agriculture to individuals, our clients rely on our perceptive approach to their legal issues. We are mindful of the big picture, yet focused on the fine points of law, industry, and the needs and goals of those we serve.

Our culture is founded on personal respect and the relationships built between colleagues and clients who work together, stand together and celebrate achievements together. Having offices in Seattle and Yakima has expanded our experience and perspectives and has enhanced our ability to craft sophisticated legal strategies that deliver exceptional results. Our clients receive tailored advice and passionate advocacy distinguished by excellence, efficiency and innovation.

Each client’s unique vision is the central driving force of our legal practice. Our attorneys are fully engaged counselors, advocates, strategists and dealmakers who understand that the practice of law is not simply defending clients’ interests, but promoting and advancing their vision in moments of consequence, as well as moments of opportunity.